Indian Hair World was established in 2015 with a vision to help people suffering from baldness in Kolkata. Our founder and main consultant, Soham Chakraborty, along with his brother Sayak, suffered from baldness that caused depression. However, they found a simple solution in hair patch replacement that helped them regain their confidence. Motivated to help others, they opened the first branch of Indian Hair World in Kolkata with their friend and now partner, Sudipto Ghosh.

We specialize in providing the best non-surgical hair replacement solutions such as natural wigs, hair wigs, male hair wigs, female hair wigs, etc. under one roof. Our products offer a cost-effective and convenient solution to hair loss. Hair wigs are easy to use and require less time to wear. Our technology enables us to create wigs that look more natural and come in a range of sizes and styles to perfectly fit the personal style of both men and women. At Indian Hair World, we offer the best hair patch price in Kolkata and have hair patch centers all over Kolkata. We also offer hair weaving in Kolkata, the best non-surgical hair transplant, and the best hair weaving cost in Kolkata.

Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions are ideal for individuals who are always on the go. We have a massive customer base spread all over West Bengal and offer the best hair patch Kolkata services. If you’re looking for a hair patch center or hair replacement center near you, look no further than Indian Hair World. Our wig shop in Kolkata and hair wig shop in Kolkata offer human hair wigs in Kolkata and the best hair patch in Kolkata. We also provide non-surgical hair transplant near me services and the best non-surgical hair transplant in Kolkata. Our products such as surgical hair and men’s non-surgical hair replacement help restore youthful looks and boost a person’s confidence.

Choose Indian Hair World for the best non-surgical hair replacement solutions and non-surgical hair restoration. We are committed to providing our customers with the best hair wigs and non-surgical hair replacement services in Kolkata and beyond.

Why Us

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At Indian Hair World, we are dedicated to providing exceptional hair replacement solutions that meet the unique needs and budgets of our clients. Led by our founder and expert consultant, Soham Chakraborty, we take a personalized approach to each client, assessing their baldness pattern and offering the best solution.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us the prestigious ‘Bengal Pride Award 2022’ for the best hair replacement center, making us the only and first center in Kolkata to receive this honor.

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